How Do You Block Websites?


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To block websites, open Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options, click Content, then Content Advisor, provide the names of websites you want to block, click Apply, then click OK. Although there are other ways to block websites, this option does not require users to download or purchase any software.

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  1. Open Internet Options

    To open Internet Options, launch Internet Explorer, click Tools at the top menu, then click Internet Options at the bottom of the menu. Click on the Content tab to open the privacy settings.

  2. Provide the names of websites you want to block

    Under Content Advisor, click Enable, then choose a category from the provided list to view its ratings level. Set your preferred ratings level on the slider, then click the Approved Sites tab. Type the addresses of websites you want to be visible, or never visible regardless of their ratings.

  3. Activate the settings

    Go to the General tab on Content Advisor, and click the checkbox under User options to disallow or allow users to see websites that are not rated. Under Supervisor password, click the Create password button to create a password that allows the supervisor to grant access the site for specific individuals, then click OK to create the password, and save the settings.

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