How Do You Block Unwanted Calls on an IPhone?


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An iPhone can block unwanted calls by adding the phone number to a blocked list. First, the user must locate the phone number under their contacts or recent calls. The user must then tap on an icon found next to the phone number or contact. This icon is a lowercase letter “i” with a circle around it. Next, the user scrolls to the bottom of the information screen and tap Block this Caller.

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A user also has the ability to block phone numbers from FaceTime and text messages. Unblocking phone numbers is also an available feature. A blocked list is viewable by going into the settings screen and then selecting the type of contact method that was blocked. After selecting the type of contact method, the user must tap the blocked option. From the blocked screen, a user can add more blocked number or unblock someone.

With iOS 8.3 or later, a user is also allowed to filter out iMessages from unknown numbers. Blocking unknown senders is done by going into settings and then selecting messages. Then, the user must turn on the Filter Unknown Senders option. Whenever this option is turned on, a notification appears under an Unknown Senders section.

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