How Do You Block Telephone Numbers on Your Verizon Phone?


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To block telephone numbers on a Verizon phone, use the Call Block feature, and create a custom screening list. The Call Block feature automatically rejects incoming calls that match the phone numbers on the screening list. The screening list is limited to either six or 12 numbers.

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When a blocked caller dials your telephone number, they receive a message saying that you are not presently accepting calls. Before using the Call Block feature, you must first set up the list of numbers you want to block.

To set up your screening list, dial *60 from your phone, and follow the prerecorded instructions. You can add a new number, add the number of the last person who called you, or edit an existing contact on your list. The prerecorded instructions also tell you how to increase the size of your list if it is full.

After you have set up your screening list, dial *80 on your phone to turn on the Call Block feature. You can turn Call Block off at any time by dialing *80 and pressing 3. The Call Block feature does not block calls made to you from outside your local calling area, cell phones and certain business lines.

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