How Do You Block Private Calls?

Private calls may be blocked by dialing *77 when using a landline that has the caller ID feature enabled. The *77 is available for most landlines, but is limited in availability for cellphone lines. It is usually a free option for lines that are equipped with caller ID.

Known as "Anonymous Call Rejection," this feature is simple to activate.

  1. Pick up or turn the phone on

    Once a dial tone is heard, inputting *77 is all that is required to turn on anonymous call rejection. A message stating that the feature is turned on will be heard. Callers with a blocked number who try to call hear a message stating the owner of the number does not accept calls with an unavailable number.

  2. Know how to deactivate the feature

    The feature is quickly turned off by dialing *87 after the dial tone is heard. Once it is deactivated, a recorded message states that the feature has been disabled.

  3. Understand cellphone options

    Customers need to check with their cellphone company to see if anonymous call rejection is an option and if enabling it affects their service. If it is not an option, some companies enable customers to block phone numbers for free. The customer must know the phone number and may only be able to block a certain amount of calls or numbers.