How Do You Block Pop-Ups on Google Chrome?

Install Adblock Plus from the Google Web Store to block pop-ups, banner ads and social media links in the Chrome browser. Adblock Plus is free to use and has several configuration options.

  1. Open Chrome

    Open the Chrome Web browser. Wait for the start page to load.

  2. Locate the menu button

    Look for the menu button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser. The menu button looks like three horizontally stacked lines next to the URL text field.

  3. Navigate to the Google Web Store

    Click the menu button, and hover your mouse cursor over More Tools. Next, click Extensions in the expanded window. Click Get More Extensions at the bottom of the newly opened page.

  4. Install Adblock Plus

    Type "Adblock Plus" in the Google Web Store search field, and press Enter. Locate Adblock Plus in the list on the Search Results page. Select Adblock Plus from the list, and click the +Free button within its section. Wait as Adblock Plus installs in the Chrome browser.

  5. Configure Adblock Plus

    Once Adblock Plus installs, configure the settings to your preference, such as turning on pop-up blocker, hiding social media links and more. Adblock Plus also provides an option for selecting preinstalled lists for blocking common ads.