How Do You Block a Phone Number?

Depending on what phone you have, blocking a number can be achieved by downloading a call blocking application, contacting your service provider, or adding the number to your block list. Several newer phones have a blocking feature built in, such as the iPhone and some Android phones.

  1. Add the number to your block list

    Some phones, such as the Apple iPhone, have the option to add a number to a block list. Once a number has been blocked by a user the blocked number can no longer call, message or leave voicemails on the user's phone.

  2. Download a call blocking app

    There are several apps available in the iOS app store or Google Play store. Download and install a call blocking app, and choose the numbers you would like to block.

  3. Contact your service provider

    Many service providers allow users to block numbers. Verizon Wireless, for example, currently allows you to block up to 20 contacts for a $5 per month fee.

  4. Change your number

    Though this is not a method of blocking, if you need a method of disallowing a large number of people to contact you, changing your number may be the best option. Your service provider can change your number for a nominal fee.