How Do You Block Phone Calls?


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Phone calls can be blocked through service providers, phone settings and special call-blocking apps. As of 2014, some national mobile service providers offer call and text blocking, although certain providers charge a monthly fee for the service. A limit might also be placed on how many numbers can be blocked. Most providers offer the ability to control the list online or through customer service.

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Another option for blocking unwanted calls can sometimes be found within the settings of the phone itself. As of 2014, phones with the latest versions of the Android and iOS platforms have built-in call blocking. Users can add and remove phone numbers to the list at any time. Some phones automatically reject the calls and do not allow callers to leave a message. Other phones send the calls automatically to voicemail so that the phone does not ring when a call is received from an unwanted number.

There is also the option to download a call blocking app. Apps are available through the app stores for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Some apps are available to download and use for free. Depending on the app, unwanted callers can be automatically sent to voicemail to leave a message or immediately disconnected.

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