How Do You Block Online Gaming Sites?

To block online gaming sites, set rules in the host file of your Windows PC. Though you can create a new account and set certain rules for it in the Control Panel, manipulating the host file gives you more control to block individual or multiple sites at once.

  1. Start the Run command

    Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar. Type "run" in the search field. In Windows 8, press the shortcut keys "Win+X" to bring up a new menu. Select the Command Prompt.

  2. Bring up the host file

    Type this command in the Command Prompt window without quotation marks: "notepad c:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts". Next, click OK.

  3. Enter the website names

    Scroll down to the last line in the Notepad window. Place your cursor on the last line, and press Enter to create a new blank line. Type " (x)" without quotes, where "x" is the name of the website. For multiple sites, advance the last digit one place, such as "" and "" and the name of the site.

  4. Save the code

    Click on File in the menu, and select Save to overwrite the file. Close Notepad when you are finished. To reverse the process, open the file, and delete the sites you previously entered.