How Do You Block Messages on a Nokia?

In order to block messages on a Nokia, tap the phone icon, followed by a long tap on the number that the user wants blocked, then tap on "block number." This will prevent the phone receiving any messages or calls from the blocked number.

Blocked numbers can also be removed from the blocked list in order to allow calls and messages to be received once again. Follow these steps to unblock:

  1. Select all apps
  2. Swipe right on the start screen in order to reach all apps, then tap on "Settings," followed by "Call + SMS filter."

  3. Toggle call blocking
  4. In this section, call blocking can be turned on and off, and the numbers to remain blocked can be managed.

  5. Advanced settings
  6. Use the advanced settings to enable notifications and block withheld numbers. Private numbers can be blocked from here as well.

It is also possible to view logs of blocked numbers in this menu, so the user can see what numbers have been blocked and how often. Although there are many different Nokia models, these general steps can be used for most Nokia smartphones, and are particularly useful for stopping unwanted incoming marketing or sales calls. The process can be repeated to continually add or remove as many numbers as required.