How Do You Block Emails on Yahoo?

To block emails in Yahoo from certain senders, log into your email account, locate the Settings menu, click on Blocked Addresses, then enter the email addresses that you want to block. Click Block, then select Save to apply the changes. The process takes just a couple of minutes.

  1. Find the Settings link

    Log into your Yahoo email account, and go to the Settings menu. From the menu, locate the Blocked Addresses tab, and click on it.

  2. Enter the email addresses to be blocked

    After clicking on the Blocked Addresses tab, an empty box appears. In this box, enter the email address you want to block, making sure to include the @ symbol and the top-level domain extension of the email. Click Block after entering the email address, or enter multiple email addresses before clicking Block. As of 2014, Yahoo Mail allows users to block up to 500 email addresses. The Settings dialog box lets you know how many you have used out of the 500.

  3. Apply the new settings

    Click the Save button, which is located in the lower-left corner of the Settings dialog box, to save your changes. The dialog box automatically disappears once your new settings are applied.