How Do You Block Calls on Android?

How Do You Block Calls on Android?

Calls to Android phones can be blocked using the free third-party application Mr. Number. Most smartphones have some sort of built-in blocking capability, but because feature sets and setup methods vary greatly from phone to phone, using a third-party app ensures familiarity no matter what phone you're using.

  1. Download and install Mr. Number

    On your Android smartphone, open the Play Store app and search for Mr. Number. Tap the first item that appears on the search results list. Tap the Install button, then tap Accept to begin the installation process.

  2. Open Mr. Number

    After the installation process completes, tap the Open button to open the app. You can also tap the Mr. Number icon on your home screen to open it.

  3. Setup Mr. Number

    The first time Mr. Number starts, you are asked to agree to the app's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After doing so, type in your country code and mobile number to finish setting up the app.

  4. Block unwanted callers

    Scroll through the list of callers and texters Mr. Number provides. When you find one you want to block, tap on the three dots beside the entry and a menu appears. Select either Mark as spam or Block number to add the number to the Hang Up list. Blocked numbers are automatically hung up on should they try to call you.