Where Are Blank Typing Pages Usually Located on a Computer?

Where Are Blank Typing Pages Usually Located on a Computer?

Blank typing pages are available on a computer in desktop-based word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word and iWorks Pages, or online as Web-based word processing programs like Open Office and Google Docs. Word processing programs provide pages to create text documents with additional options, such as video, diagram and photo integration.

In order to type text on a blank page on the computer, choose the desired word processing application.

In the Microsoft Office application Word, open a blank page by going to the top left side of the computer screen and click file>new>blank document. This opens a new document.

In the iWork application, open Pages. Pages offers many Apple-designed templates are to assist with creating a document, word processing and page layout that includes graphics.

To open a blank document in a Web-based word processor, download the application onto the computer. Web-based word processing applications are available on websites, such as Apache OpenOffice and Google Docs.

To access a blank page for typing, click continue and follow the prompts to open a blank document. Apache OpenOffice allows users to follow the wizards to create standard documents, create personalized templates or download existing templates. Google Docs provides word processing applications for users who log in or create a user account.

Most word processing applications have mobile apps available, are compatible with other processing applications and open a blank document by clicking ctrl+N.