How Does Bing Compare to Google As a Top Search Engine?


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Google tends to have more relevant sources retrieved per search than Bing. However, Bing has better social integrations and provides more socially relevant data than Google.

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While both search engines display potential search queries while the user inputs a phrase in the search bar, Google's instant search offers faster and more correct search terms than Bing. However, Bing provides a more attractive results page than Google and uses a layout similar to an earlier Google layout, when +1 buttons and social annotations were added to each result. Polled users prefer the clutter-free results of Bing, according to Entrepreneur.com.

Because Google has other prevalent products, such as Google Reader and Google Plus, its search engine has more available information about its users and can tailor search results to them based on their consumer history. While Bing has similar products, these are not in wide use as of 2015. Therefore, Bing's internal integrations are not likely to influence search results any time soon. This increases Google's value over Bing, because Google's search results are more likely to come from trusted sources that are relevant to the user. However, search engines are used based on personal preference, and both engines have options that appeal to some users more than others.

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