How Do You Find the Billing Address for a Medical Bill?


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The location of the billing address on a medical bill varies between insurance companies and hospitals, but it's typically listed on the payment authorization slip. Some bills may also print the billing address in the upper corner of the bill, near the contact information of the organization.

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Medical bills usually appear as a form with a summary of charges along with a detachable section that the person receiving the bill must mail back to the charging entity with the appropriate payment. Such forms often include the billing address as the mailing address in the detachable section, which appears through the open section in the envelope that arrives with the bill. If the bill does not include mail payment information, the address may appear near the name of the issuing entity.

Medical bills may appear in many different forms, depending on the type of facility and the coverage of the person receiving the bill. In some cases, the insurance company operates its own special facilities and issues the bills itself. Other plans provide the patient with access to various facilities, in which case the hospital, clinic or doctor issues the bill to the patient for any portion the insurance does not cover. Depending on the entity issuing the bill, it may be possible to find the billing address through its website or by contacting its billing department.

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