How Do Bidz Jewelry Auctions Work?

How Do Bidz Jewelry Auctions Work?

Bidz is an online auction service specializing in jewelry and high-end accessories, and users bid on items using of interest. Although Bidz mainly focuses on auctions, users may also purchase items through second-chance offers if they lost their initial bids.

To place bids, customers must first register with Bidz. Customers may either search for specific pieces or browse items by category. Once the customer finds an item of interest, he places a bid amount in the bid box. Bidz only allows full dollar amounts.

Bidz considers the confirmed bid amount final. Customers may not retract bids unless they make an obvious typographical error during the bidding process, as Bidz considers a confirmed bid a legally binding contract.

Bids close at the indicated time, unless someone makes a bid within the last 15 seconds of the allotted bidding time. If this happens, Bidz automatically extends the bidding time for another 15 seconds. This process continues until a full 15-second period without a bid has passed. Bidz then closes the auction and sends an email to the winner.

Customers not ready to bid on items may keep track of items in their watch lists. The watch list compiles all of the customer's highlighted items and allows the customer to see current bids and the time remaining.