How Do You Bid on a DealDash Auction?

How Do You Bid on a DealDash Auction?

To bid on a DealDash auction as of 2015, sign up for a DealDash account and purchase bids. Find an item on which to bid, and click the Bid Now button.

You must sign up for an account and purchase bids to view DealDash auctions. To sign up, visit and enter a user name, password and your email address. After you sign up, the site prompts you to purchase bids using a credit card or PayPal.

Individual bids cost 60 cents, and each bid raises the price of the item by 1 cent. However, better deals are available through bid packs, which are a certain amount of bids for a set price.

The starting price for every auction is $0, and DealDash doesn't have any reserve prices. Every bid sets the auction timer at 10 seconds, so the auction keeps going as long as people bid within that time frame. If you win the bid, click on Won Auctions under the My Dashboard menu and pay for the item. Once you pay for the item, DealDash ships it to you.

If you bid on an item but don't win it, DealDash allows you to buy the item at its buy it now price. By purchasing the item at this price, you get back all the bids you used on that auction.