How Do You Bid in a Beezid Auction?


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To bid in a Beezid auction, place a bid manually by clicking Bid, choose Autobeezid to automate the bidding process, or use a Sniper to place a specific number of bids within the final seconds. The four types of bids include regular, promo, bonus and win bids.

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To set Autobeezids, go to the auction details page of the chosen auction, enter a starting price, select a preferred number of automated bids, and click Book. Track Autobeezid activity by visiting the details page or checking the status bar.

To activate the Sniper option, click the Set Autobeezids and Snipers box, enter a particular number of bids, and select Book. Using Sniper helps move the auction price to an Autobeezid starting price and also keeps an auction going, allowing bidders to alter their strategies. To edit a bid, pause Autobeezid any time during the auction; the Sniper feature remains active. Unmark the checkbox to remove a Sniper while keeping an Autobeezid, or click Cancel to stop the Autobeezid and Sniper.

Check the status bar to see the bid balance, or go to My Account and select My Bid Account to view a detailed history of bid purchases and usage. Members buy regular bids in bid packs or obtain bids through auctions, contests and promos.

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