Which Are Better: Canon or Nikon Cameras?


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Canon and Nikon both produce solid cameras for beginner and amateur photographers, serious photographers and seasoned professionals and while the quality of cameras offered in these categories by both brands is similar, Canon cameras are stronger in some areas while Nikon cameras excel in others. Canon and Nikon produce a variety of cameras, including digital cameras and single-lens reflex, or SLR, cameras. At all levels, cameras from both brands come as base editions with standard features, and have a complementary set of add-ons and accessories that can be purchased and used to enhance their performance.

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Canon and Nikon both offer entry-level SLR cameras for beginners that come with base lenses and basic features such as pentamirror viewfinders, autofocus and the ability to take a series of photographs in seconds. Base models from both companies share many features, including body style and design. They come with integrated design guides to help beginners learn how to use the cameras and offer multiple settings to enhance the quality of photos taken in certain locations, such as outdoors, in the snow and in low light. The Nikon entry-level camera has fewer standard features than the one from Canon, but sells for a lower price. For higher-level cameras, Canon offers lenses and components of a slightly higher quality while Nikon cameras come with many accessories to enhance their performance.

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