What Are Some Benefits of Using a NETGEAR Range Extender?


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Using a NETGEAR range extender improves both Wi-Fi coverage and signal strength inside of a building. Most NETGEAR range extenders also incorporate multiple Ethernet ports for connecting older computers or devices such as smart TVs and gaming consoles to the Internet. NETGEAR wireless range extenders use dual band Wi-Fi technology, which improves speeds and reduces interference around multiple electronic devices.

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NETGEAR wireless range extenders belong to a family of networking devices called signal repeaters. A signal repeater is a device that receives a signal from one source and rebroadcasts it to a wider area. NETGEAR wireless range extenders belong to a subfamily of such devices called active signal repeaters, as they amplify the original signal in addition to rebroadcasting it.

Using a NETGEAR wireless range extender properly requires placing the device within the wireless router's original range. For best results, the range extender should be close enough to the router to receive a strong signal. It is important that the range extender receives a strong signal because, while it can amplify the original signal to improve its range, it cannot improve an originally poor or weak signal.

Placing one wireless range extender within another extender's range, instead of the router's, is also possible. Stringing multiple wireless range extenders together can extend Wi-Fi range considerably, though some minor signal degradation occurs at each successive extender.

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