What Are the Benefits of Using a Free Mobile Banking App?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Free Mobile Banking App?

The benefits of using a free banking mobile app include time savings, secure transactions and fast access to balance and transaction information. Most banks offer free mobile apps to meet customer demand.

While it isn't possible to do all banking through an app, mobile banking remains one of the more convenient ways to deposit checks and keep up with transactions. Many bank customers rely almost exclusively on their smartphones to do their banking.

Depositing a check with a mobile banking app is as simple as endorsing it and then photographing the front and back of the check with a mobile phone camera. Once the amount of the check is entered and the final Deposit button pressed, the check deposit is in process.

Mobile apps also make transferring funds between accounts simpler and faster than performing the same transaction at a physical branch or even online. These transactions are also highly secure, according to bank officials. However, it is important to download a bank's official mobile app and not an imitation.

Although some banks charge fees to access funds electronically or even within branches, most mobile app transactions remain free of charge, as of 2015. It is important to read the fine print with any mobile app agreement, however, to be sure.