What Are the Benefits of Using a LifeVantage Virtual Office?


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Some benefits of using the LifeVantage virtual office are that it offers distributors online tools to run their business efficiently, and they can also access information about their upline, check on orders and also use autoship delivery for products ordered. LifeVantage Corporation offers business opportunities such as distributorships for its different products. This company provides its distributors with a virtual office system to keep track of the different facets of their business, as noted by LifeVantage.com.

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LifeVantage distributors buy wellness products from this company at wholesale prices to resell to customers. Distributors can get commission by having a referral network. In this virtual office system there are different features such as the NetTrax management tool meant for keeping track of the business. This tool can help distributors in a number of ways such as looking at business statistics and account activities.

This virtual office system also has other beneficial features such as WebMeeting, Business Site and Voicecast. When distributors need to communicate with their sales force, WebMeeting can be useful for presentations and web-conferencing. The Business Site feature of this system provides distributors with a platform where they can showcase products, provide useful content and acquire new distributors for their network through sponsorship, notes LifeVantage.com.

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