What Are the Benefits of Using a GForce Performance Chip?


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The primary benefit of installing a GForce Performance Chip is an increase in horsepower. Additionally, users of GForce Performance Chips report an increase in gas mileage and improved handling after installation.

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According to GForceChips.com, GForce Performance Chips are designed to improve the horsepower, torque and fuel economy of an automobile. Performance chips are not the only way to increase these specifications in a vehicle, but the GForce offers two distinct advantages. First, the chip is easy to install. Implementing a GForce chip doe not require cutting any wires, using solder or programming the chip to fit a vehicle's specifications. Second, GForce chips do not require vehicles to use higher-quality gasoline.

Though GForce claims that its chip offers an increase of nearly 30 horsepower and 10 percent fuel economy, most users see much smaller benefits. Some customers report no changes in the car's performance at all. In early 2015, a lawsuit revealed that the chip's inside contained just a single resistor. Because a single resistor does nothing to manipulate the performance of a vehicle, experts concluded that GForce Performance Chips are a scam. For this reason, any benefits that result from adding a GForce Performance Chip to a vehicle should be reconsidered.

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