What Are the Benefits of Using FollowMyHealth?


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FollowMyHealth allows its users to keep track of medical records and to access them online in the comfort of their own homes. This access makes it possible for patients to be more directly involved in managing their care.

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Physicians throughout the country use FollowMyHealth as the basis of their patient portals, although at times these portals have different names. The portals provide for secure record keeping, as well making it possible for physicians and patients to message each other privately. Lab and test results are available through the portal, and doctors can leave notes related to the results for patients to read on their own time.

Another benefit of FollowMyHealth is that patients can update their own health information on an ongoing basis. This feature allows physicians to stay up to date on patients' allergies and the medications that they are taking. A patient can also request prescription refills through the portal, saving an extra trip to the doctor's office. Use of the service also saves time at appointments by allowing patients to fill out necessary forms prior to arriving.

Finally, FollowMyHealth makes it possible to pay doctors' bills online. The portal is available on tablets, computers and smartphones as of 2015.

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