What Are the Benefits to Using Creative Suite 5?

The benefits of using Creative Suite 5 include availability of new creative tools to craft artwork, use of enhancements that help finish work faster and an option to paint with scalability and the ability of vectors. Other benefits include easy use of 3-D artwork, the ability to refine selection edges, and simplified object editing and selection.

Creative Suite 5 has creative tools in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop that allow users to craft artwork for a wide range of media. It uses convenient width handles that can adjust stroke width interactively by positioning arrow heads and aligning dashes. Creative Suite 5 produces accurate masks and makes image selection faster. It also simplifies the production of realistic images and allows users to preview Web pages in different browsers.

Creative Suite 5 reduces the sequence of steps required to perform common design tasks. It allows the manipulation of frames without switching tools. The on-object controls directly in the layout can change frame corners. It streamlines products of design projects by joining multiple page sizes into one InDesign file. This allows the user to apply one master page to other different-sized layouts. Creative Suite 5 allows users to access all creative assets from one customizable panel that they can sort and filter.

Creative Suite 5 allows designers to use familiar tools without writing codes. The Adobe Flash Catalyst in CS5 helps in transforming artwork into interactive content for user interfaces, Web pages and applications. Creative Suite 5 links the desktop design software with the Internet to support design and production. It simplifies the creation of 3-D logos and artwork from different text layers. It has twist, bevel, rotate and inflate capabilities that transform simple images into expressive works.