What Are Some Benefits of TracFone Service?

What Are Some Benefits of TracFone Service?

TracFone provides customers with prepaid cell phone service without contracts, credit checks or monthly bills. Customers purchase and add minutes to their phones to keep their phone service active.

To start TracFone service, the consumer purchases a TracFone-compatible cell phone. Anyone can purchase a phone, even customers with bad credit. Traditional cell phone companies often check credit before approving a new customer.

The phone options range from basic cell phones to Android smartphones. The price range varies, giving customers flexibility to find phones that match their needs. The phone includes an activation code used to initiate the TracFone service.

Once activated, the consumer adds airtime to the cell phone. The airtime packages vary based on the number of minutes provided. This gives customers flexibility to choose packages that best fit their cell phone usage needs. TracFone users with smartphones have the option of purchasing data.

The airtime packages also come with a number of service days. When the customer adds the airtime, the phone remains active for the number of service days associated with the package. The customer must add additional airtime at the end of the service period even if he hasn't used all of his minutes to keep the phone active.

Because users buy cards to add airtime, they don't have monthly bills like a traditional cell phone service. When minutes run low, the customer simply purchases additional airtime.