What Are the Benefits of a TracFone?


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Benefits of a TracFone include their competitive pricing and nationwide coverage, as well as the fact that TracFone coverage has no contracts, credit checks, bills, or daily or monthly fees. TracFone airtime can be purchased at more than 90,000 retailers nationwide as of 2015, according to the official company website.

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TracFone's prepaid cell-phone service is strictly pay-as-you-go and does not require any contractual agreement; it is therefore free of the punitive charges and cancellation fees common among other wireless service providers. Since minutes are paid for in advance, there are no overage charges. Phones simply stop working when they run out of minutes, so parents do not have to be concerned about children amassing a large bill.

There are no deposits required for TracFone prepaid coverage, no monthly bills, and no daily access fees like those required by carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Alltel, according to PrePaid.com. These charges can easily amount to $30 or more in monthly expenses for people who use their phone every day, in addition to per-minute charges.

TracFone has more than 10 million customers, many more than any other service provider, so they can obtain the best rates from carriers and thereby charge their own customers far less than their competitors. Because they use the best nationwide cellular carriers, TracFone's coverage includes 99 percent of the U.S. population, according to PrePaid.com.

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