What Are the Benefits of Television?

benefits-television Credit: Andersen Ross/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Television is a medium that exposes a wide audience of people to educational materials, such as political and meteorological news, science documentaries, early childhood education programming and local current events announcements, making it highly useful to a variety of different sections of the population. In addition to providing access to educational programming and news, television also helps disseminate cultural programming that people can enjoy and discuss with each other, something that is often beneficial for families who find themselves with little in common. For bedridden or otherwise immobile people, television is a way to stay connected to the outside world and to stay engaged with and entertained by human stories.

Although television is often thought of as a waste of time, it is not an entirely useless medium for entertainment and education. Television can be a portal through which people learn new skills, including home improvement, first aid, pet care and parenting skills. Television can also be an outlet for marginalized populations to see examples of their stories being told, which can help increase compassion and understanding among those who aren't part of a marginalized group. Additionally, some television channels show exercise or workout programming that can help people get active and healthy by learning new techniques for aerobic or anaerobic exercise.