What Benefits Do You Get As an AT&T Employee?

What Benefits Do You Get As an AT&T Employee?

Benefits for AT&T employees differ based on what position an employee holds. Part-time employees are not eligible to receive the full slate of benefits offered to full-time employees.

Full-time employees are eligible for health care and may choose their own medical coverage through the AT&T self-insured option. This option includes medical, surgical, prescription drug, and mental health or substance abuse benefits.

One of the more popular benefits among AT&T employees is the Your Money Matters program that offers a pension and a 401k, as well as a flexible spending account for participating employees. In addition, AT&T offers eligible non-management employees the Care Plus supplemental health benefit program, which helps pay for medical treatments that aren't always covered within the regular AT&T health plan.

Additionally, AT&T offers more benefits for specific life situations. One of these is an adoption reimbursement program where the company reimburses an employee up to $5,000 in adoption-related expenses. Another benefit for full-time AT&T employees is enrollment in life insurance through the company.

There are many more benefits that AT&T offers eligible employees, though some are specifically targeted toward certain demographics, such as the Tuition Aid program that aims to support eligible employees currently enrolled in college.