What Are Some Benefits of Social Media?

The benefits of social media includes providing news about current events, encouraging professional networking and allowing families members to stay in touch with each other, according to the Houston Chronicle. Social media also helps businesses increase sales and improve customer service.

Social media offers a communication alternative to phone calls and email, notes the Houston Chronicle. Social media platforms commonly allow individuals to share photos, events and comments in real time. In this way, family and friends can experience and participate in each other's daily experiences. This form of communication also works for professionals and academics interested in sharing research ideas and those looking to increase a professional reputation.

Social media solves many business marketing problems, explains Inc. With more than two-thirds of the American population actively using social media, the platforms allow businesses to reach a large number of potential customers. Because of the way content is shared and distributed on social media platforms, businesses can significantly increase public awareness of their products and services. Further, social media provides a way to address the questions, comments and concerns of existing customers, building brand loyalty.

Contrary to popular belief, social media does not make young people dumb, adds the Washington Times. Instead, research shows that it plays an essential role in their development of social and technical skills and their ability to contribute to the circulation of culture.