What Are the Benefits of a Smartphone Without a Data Plan?


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Lowering a cell phone bill while still being able to play apps and get on the Internet when connected to Wi-Fi is the biggest benefit of having a smartphone without a data plan. Many cellular providers offer unlimited talk and text plans for a reasonable monthly price, but data plans can raise a cellphone bill significantly.

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Unfortunately, large cellular providers require that customers with smartphones carry a data plan. This is because the company makes most of its money off data plans and cellular providers know that it would be easy for most customers to forgo data plans because free Wi-Fi hotspots are plentiful in many areas.

One way around this is to use a prepaid cell provider that provides customers with a SIM card. These companies do not rely on data to make money as much as the larger companies do. Consumers can use a smartphone for voice and text without a plan for by using Wi-Fi and Google Voice or a similar service, such as Skype or FaceTime. The downside is that calls can only be made and texts can only be received when a Wi-Fi connection is available, but it can lower a cellphone bill even more.

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