What Are the Benefits of Salesforce Over Saleslogix?

A major benefit of using Salesforce over Saleslogix is that Salesforce keeps up with industry trends when it comes to customer engagement software platforms. In a recent 2014 survey, many companies planned to build customer mobile applications using Salesforce technology. In particular, Salesforce has three leading mobile apps that assist companies with customer communications, Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Touch and Mobile Chatter. Salesforce mobile applications are considered too complex to replicate.

Salesforce has the edge over Saleslogix in the categories of platform usability, availability, performance, support, training and implementation. More Salesforce customers indicate a desire to renew services as well. Salesforce also has an advantage over Saleslogix in brand recognition and reputation, being that Salesforce is more established in the CRM market. Consultation and training are particular strong points for Salesforce over its competitors. Companies getting the most benefits from implementing Salesforce take steps to adequately train employees on how to effectively use it. Comparatively, Saleslogix is still in its growth stages, going through acquisitions and getting less customer feedback.

A majority of companies choosing the Salesforce platform are of the belief that business success increasingly depends on offering customers a quality customer experience. Salesforce brands itself as a customer-focused company and creates operational procedures, processes and policies that support this business philosophy.