What Are the Benefits and Risks of Cloud Storage?


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One of the benefits of cloud storage is the ease of accessing files or images as a cloud can be accessed from any location with wireless internet connectivity while one of the risks associated with cloud storage is the danger of losing data to a hacking attack or virus. Cloud computing is especially popular with businesses due to the convenience factor.

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Another benefit of cloud computing is that by storing the majority of space consuming files on a cloud server, the host computer can potentially free up a lot more computing power. This can result in increased performance across the board, as more memory can be devoted to computing tasks as opposed to storage.

A further disadvantage however, is that by storing the majority of data on a remote cloud server, the user may be hindered from accessing data is a problem occurs with the host server. The potential inconvenience and cost of this problem can be limited however, by keeping locally backed up copies of data on external hard drives as a precaution.

A final advantage of using cloud storage is that data can be protected from problems or damage to local machines. Even if a computer stops working for example, no data stored on the cloud will be lost, and can easily be transferred to a new machine when needed.

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