What Are the Benefits of Owning a ClearTalk Cellphone?

Benefits of owning a cellphone through a ClearTalk plan include the option to pay for it in monthly installments, access to a nationwide coverage network and the ability to receive coverage for a flat monthly rate that does not include any contract requirements. The company also offers special rates to customers who wish to contact Mexico and does not place any caps on data usage for some plans, as of 2015.

One of the primary features of ClearTalk cellular plans is that customers do not need to agree to any set contract duration and are thus not bound to continue the service for any period of time. Customers may need to submit to a credit check prior to obtaining service, depending on company policy. The company also offers all of its plans at a flat rate, with multiple payment tiers unlocking additional features. This can include the option to download music through its MP3 store or the ability to remove the data cap for the streaming method compatible with the customer's phone.

The company also offers a payment installment plan to all customers at the time of purchase, which spreads out the cost of a new phone across multiple months. Customers also have access to a nationwide coverage network that allows for roaming without interruptions in signal strength in most major areas. Customers can also modify plans at any time and upgrade phones according to the availability of funds.