What Are the Benefits of Marine Waterproof Speakers?


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Some of the benefits of owning and using a marine waterproof speaker are the increased life expectancy of the speaker and the protection offered to the speaker by the waterproofing process. Marine speaker and stereo systems are designed to last for long periods of time even when subjected to stresses brought on by rough driving, contact with liquids and the corrosive properties of saltwater.

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Regular speakers used in marine applications can suffer from a decreased life expectancy if they are not built to last against the extreme elements. When marine waterproof speakers are built, their circuit boards are covered with a liquid plastic that protects the sensitive metals and silicone of the circuit board from being damaged by liquids or salt.

While liquids can damage most electronics, saltwater is even more dangerous because it corrodes metals. Even if a stereo is not directly exposed to saltwater, merely being near it for a prolonged period brings salt into contact with the speaker through the air.

Speaker systems that are completely sealed with rubber gaskets and a solid plastic or steel chassis are particularly resilient in marine applications and can provide years of service. These benefits enable marine waterproof speakers to last for a year or more, while normal speakers may not even last that long.

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