What Are the Benefits of a Kindle Paperwhite?


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The main benefits of a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader include a display that doesn’t produce glare when used in bright environments and a light source that illuminates the screen directly instead of using the backlighting method that results in eye strain. Other benefits include long battery life that allows the device to run for up to eight weeks on a single charge, and its button layout and compact dimensions that allow users to hold and operate the device with one hand.

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Kindle Paperwhite adjusts the fonts of the content at the pixel level to increase the sharpness and contrast of the text against the illuminated screen, allowing it to mimic the look of a printed page. It also includes a feature that lets users add notes, highlight sections of the text and share them with other Kindle Paperwhite users via social media. Other features include a built-in dictionary that automatically provides definitions after tapping on a word, integration with Goodreads.com that lets a user mark an e-book on the tablet and have it automatically updated on his Goodreads profile, and an option to modify the size of the text.

Although it features screen lighting, unlike older Kindle e-readers, the brightness setting on Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t adapt automatically to the changes in the surrounding lighting. It also can’t sustain exposure to water and doesn’t feature support for audiobooks.

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