What Are the Benefits of Jailbreaking an IPhone?


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The benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone include increased customization, tethering, unauthorized app use, improving Siri and the ability to change default apps. The primary benefit of jailbreaking an iPhone is the ability to personalize the device and make distinct customizations. Tethering is a feature that transforms the iPhone into a modem for a laptop or desktop computer.

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Most providers allow users to perform the tethering function with a “Mobile Hotspot” feature; however, there is usually a monthly fee and a specific allotment of data associated with this option. There are several tethering apps available for the iPhone.

Changing the default apps is useful for downloading third-party apps and setting them as the phone's defaults. For example, this feature allows users to open a link using Google Chrome instead of the default Safari app. The benefit of using unauthorized apps is app diversity. Although there are more than one million apps to choose from in the iTunes App Store, there are thousands of other apps unavailable in the store.

Jailbreaking an iPhone improves the functionality of Siri. On the iOS, Siri is a helpful virtual assistant, but there are multiple commands the device does not understand. Jailbreaking the iPhone improves Siri by expanding the library of commands.

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