What Are Some Benefits to an International Cell Phone?

Travelers who roam the globe can benefit from international cellphones because they don't need to switch plans or purchase another phone as they travel and because they remain easy to contact as their numbers stay the same. Users can still access all their contacts and data.

For people who travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, having an international cellphone is by far the most convenient option. Some service companies allow travelers to select the countries for which they need service and charge based on the number of countries, while others have specific plans for each country. However, not all phones can call to and from every country; for a cellphone to work, the carrier network must be compatible with the country's network.

Major United States phone companies offer some form of international service depending on the needs of their clients. However, many phones don't work outside of the United States, so before purchasing a plan or leaving the country, users should verify that the cellphone is capable of making international calls.

An alternative to the traditional phone call is Voice-over-IP service, also known as VoIP, which allows international users to make phone calls over an Internet connection, regardless of borders.