What Are the Benefits of Installing an Ice Cream Truck Tracker?


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Some benefits that ice cream trackers offer to businesses include greatly aiding in book-keeping. These trackers can also aid consumers in finding nearby ice cream trucks to buy frozen treats.

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Ice cream truck trackers are, as of 2015, becoming increasingly popular. Many of these trackers use GPS technology to locate trucks. Businesses find these trackers appealing because they can automatically keep track of things that normally require tedious calculations. For example, trackers aid in tallying mileage driven per truck per day, which is necessary for tax purposes. Ice cream truck drivers can also use the trackers to plan routes, book dairy inventory and manage costs while out on the go.

Ice cream truck trackers can also benefit costumers by helping them find trucks from which to buy. Uber, the on-demand car company, has experimented with using trackers to allow consumers to order ice cream trucks to a given location. As of 2014, the Toronto-based app Movable Feast utilizes trackers to locate participating ice cream trucks in real time. Users of Movable Feast can also see the direction in which the truck is traveling. Other apps proprietary to specific ice cream truck fleets offer similar capabilities. This tracking technology not only helps consumers, it helps the ice cream truck company's bottom line by making it easier to meet with costumers and make sales.

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