What Are Some Benefits of My Healthevet?

What Are Some Benefits of My Healthevet?

My Healthevet offers benefits such as online personal health records and access to trusted health care information. The types of benefits depend upon the account type of the user. My Healthevet is a service for veterans, active duty service members, their dependents and their caregivers.

My Healthevet is a service under United States Department of Veteran Affairs. It helps members to contact and form partnerships with their health care team. The service offers three types of accounts: basic, advanced and premium. The basic account allows users to view their self-entered information. Users can also track their health measures by using the journals.

Basic account holders can add information about over-the-counter medications, allergies, military health history, medical events, tests and allergies. They can record and track personal information, such as emergency contacts and health insurance information. Users with a basic account can also print wallet ID cards and download self-entered information.

The advanced account is open only to veterans and Veteran Affairs patients. It allows access to more features and benefits, such as viewing information in VA and Department of Defense records.

Premium accounts offer the highest level of access to features. It allows members to view important details, such as VA admissions and discharges, allergies, immunizations, notes and laboratory results.