What Are Some Benefits of H2O Wireless Unlimited Plans?


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H20 Wireless Unlimited plans offer unlimited data starting with the $35 per month plan, unlimited international calling to landlines in 50 countries worldwide and unlimited calls to mobile users in Mexico on select plans. As of 2015, plans cost from $30 to $65 per month, but new subscribers get a 10 percent discount on their plan pricing if they sign up for the auto recharge service that automatically renews their plan monthly.

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Data is transmitted as quickly as 4G LTE allow sup to a cap, and then transmitted at 128 kilobits per second thereafter without a limit on total data usage. The least expensive unlimited data plan allows for 500 megabytes of data at 4G LTE speed, and the most expensive unlimited data plan allows for 3.5 gigabytes.

While domestic calling and texting and international texting on H20 Wireless Unlimited plans are completely unlimited, international calling has some restrictions. Each H20 Wireless number can call up to 10 unique landlines internationally per month without additional charge. Unlimited calls to mobile numbers in Mexico are included in the $35, $40 and $50 per month plans.

Plans come packaged with credits of $10 to $20 toward international calling charges to additional landlines or to mobile numbers, but these credits do not roll over to the next month if unused. International calls are automatically terminated after an hour, but H20 Wireless users can call back right away without penalty.

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