What Are Some of the Benefits and Drawbacks of Card Sharing?


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Card sharing is a cheap way to subscribe to multiple pay to watch television channels across multiple televisions while paying less. It is possible to have the account of the card sharer frozen, which results in all of the televisions receiving no service. Any user with a satellite box can participate in card sharing resulting in a cheaper television subscription. In some countries card sharing is illegal and can result in criminal punishment, according to CCCAM.

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Card sharing results in multiple users connecting the television and possibly the Internet to a single service providers authorized subscription card. These users require a satellite receiver such as a Dreambox to gain and decode the signal through the use of specific software that comes installed on it. It is specifically helpful for users who are on a budget and want to pay less for television and Internet subscriptions by splitting costs with other users who share the same subscription card.

Card sharing became illegal in some countries due to companies misusing the software and creating businesses out of the application by charging a fee for users. Cable and Internet providers lose money due to this technology and often sue users for the stealing of their product, states CCCAM.

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