What Are the Benefits of a Database Management System?

One of the benefits of a database management system is accuracy. Since data is stored on more than one computer using database management software, it becomes easier to handle data. It also helps maintain the accuracy of information, enabling organizations to enforce high standards.

Another benefit is data security. This is one of the key features of a database management system. Data is restricted and is only accessible to those individuals authorized to manipulate it, preventing access of information by unauthorized or shoddy entities.

With a database management system, all data is stored in a centralized location and all end-users in a company can access the data from their personal computers using computer networking technology.

Database management systems reduce data redundancy. Many companies are faced with the challenge of data redundancy, where the same kind of data is stored in multiple locations, which proves to be a challenge when records need to be updated at every location. With a database management system, all data is saved in a single location and all users access the same data from this location; therefore, when a record is updated, the change is done in only one location.

Other benefits of using a database management system include enhanced data integrity, improved flexibility of information systems, increased access and availability of data and information and logical and physical data independence.