What Are the Benefits of Computers to Society?


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The benefits that society derives from computers are numerous and include greater interconnectivity, more efficient information capabilities and better safety for the citizens. It is rare for people to go through a day without interacting with a computer of some sort, such as those found in cars, phones, watches, music players and televisions.

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Because computers are so ubiquitous, people can communicate with other people no matter where they are located. Computers can transfer information through a number of different avenues, including satellite uplinks and telecommunication cables. This helps to ensure that computer users can easily communicate with other people and share and disseminate information.

Additionally, computers help to keep people safe in a variety of ways. Cars utilize computers to perform a variety of safety-related tasks. For example, a car’s anti-lock brake system is operated by a computer that tells the brakes how hard to engage without locking up the wheels. The computer is capable of performing the necessary mathematical calculations fast enough to be helpful in this capacity, which would be impossible for a human mind. Other safety applications of computer technology include the use of object-avoidance software to alert the driver of a vehicle that an object is in the car’s path.

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