What Are Some Benefits of Cloud Computing?


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Some benefits of cloud computing include flexibility, disaster recovery, no need for dedicated hardware, easy and automatic updates, and increased security, notes Salesforce. Other benefits are the ability to work from anywhere, less document mix-ups and easy collaboration.

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A company benefits from using the cloud because there is no need for physical servers, allowing employees and customers the ability to access to all required information through an Internet connection. Any business utilizing the cloud has potentially infinite scalability by using their cloud service’s remote servers for storage, allowing them to use only the storage space they require. Everything a business would store on a local server can be backed up in a remote location so that in the case of an emergency, no data is lost. If a physical device is lost or stolen, all the data is accessible from another computer, and the lost device erased to maintain security. The company hosting the cloud service also takes care of all software updates and security features on the server side.

Another benefit of cloud computing is that any employee can access important documents and files from an office, home or while on-the-move provided there is Internet access. Users of the cloud can also work on the same document from multiple PCs at the same time, eliminating the potential for error and making collaboration easier.

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