What Are the Benefits of Clear TV Antennas Compared to Traditional Antennas?

The Clear TV antenna picks up signals from broadcast and cable channels, including channels broadcast in high definition. Traditional antennas, such as rabbit ears, do not possess this capability.

The Clear TV antenna is an HD antenna that features a built-in tuner that decodes all broadcast signals. Since 2009, all broadcast signals are digital as opposed to analog. Televisions manufactured before 2008 cannot decode these signals without an HD tuner, a cable box or a satellite antenna.

The Clear TV antenna enables pre-2008 televisions to receive digital broadcast signals, potentially eliminating the need to purchase an HD television, cable or satellite service. The Clear TV antenna price is a one-time cost of roughly $20 and involves no contracts, hidden fees or price hikes, as of 2015.

At roughly 7 inches on all sides and nearly as flat as a greeting card, the Clear TV antenna is unobtrusive, easy to maneuver and is mountable in multiple ways. The Clear TV website even suggests mounting the antenna behind artwork to those who value discretion or space.

Unlike traditional antennas, the Clear TV antenna package includes an optional amplifier that helps to boost signals. Clear TV offers a 60-day money back guarantee on Clear TV antennas.