What Are the Benefits of Buying a Tablet Rather Than a Laptop?

Tablets are designed to be compact and light, which makes them easier to carry around compared to laptops. Additionally, while a laptop only has an average battery life of 4 hours, tablets can store power for up to 8 hours with moderate use.

Due to their compact and portable nature, tablets are the go-to option for performing computing tasks on the go. They are easier to hold and therefore feel more comfortable when reading e-books or watching videos. There is a wide variety of tablets to choose from, and each varies in performance and cost. It is therefore easier to find a tablet that fits a tight budget. The touch-sensitive displays found on tablets provide an interactive, faster and responsive input alternative as well.

However, in order to achieve their compact and portable design, tablets have to sacrifice performance. Tablets have a weaker processing power compared to laptops, and can easily be overloaded by tasks that require a lot of processing power. Tablet users have to take more care with their devices as well because their small size and touch screen displays make them more easily susceptible to damage than laptops. In the long run, the choice between a tablet and a laptop generally boils down to budget, intended use and preference.