What Are the Benefits of an Android Cell Phone Over an IPhone?


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Some benefits of Android phones over iPhones include the convenience of their widgets, their room for customization and their support for wireless installation of apps. Android-powered phones also feature a removable battery and storage.

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What Are the Benefits of an Android Cell Phone Over an IPhone?
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Although jailbroken iPhones offer a widget experience similar to that of Android phones, Android users enjoy more flexibility and versatility. For example, whereas iPhones only allow widgets on the lock screen, Android devices allow them on any of the home screens. Due to the open-source nature of the Android operating system, Android users generally have a greater room for customization. For example, they have access to a wide variety of third-party home launchers. Jailbroken iPhones also allow installation of home launchers, although they're not nearly as flexible or customizable as Android phones.

In terms of wirelesss installation of apps, Android users don't have to first download applications and sync. They can simply go to online app stores, including third-party sites, tap Install, and have apps installed in a few minutes. The support for removable storage and battery gives Android users the freedom to extend the storage on their devices, to easily replace faulty batteries and to have spare batteries.

Android phones also offer users plenty of options for keyboards.

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