What Are Some Beginner Tips for Learning LINUX?


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Sticking with a popular Linux platform can help new users find answers to questions; Ubuntu and the Ubuntu-based operating systems Linux Mint and Elementary OS let users rely on other users' experience to solve problems. These distributions are also designed with desktop users in mind, so they provide easier-to-use default settings than more server-oriented distributions. Despite this, Ubuntu and its derivatives are popular server platforms, so users don't need to sacrifice advanced capabilities to use them.

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Unlike Windows and OS X, where users typically download programs or install them from optical media, most Linux distributions rely on a package manager, which is similar in many ways to Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. These programs feature search engines, and users typically select a program to download and click on an install button.

Unlike Windows and OS X, which have a default interface, Linux distributions rely on a large number of desktop interfaces. Users can install Ubuntu's default Unity interface or install KDE or another interface. Again, sticking with the default interface makes it easier to find solutions to problems online, but some users might want to explore different options. Linux Mint offers two interfaces similar to Windows, while Elementary OS has one that's somewhat similar to OS X.

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