What Are Some Beginner's Tips for Using Android Phones?


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Users who don’t have much experience with Android phones should first tie their Google accounts to the phone, or create a new account if they didn’t have one earlier. Doing this allows them to easily download various apps from the Google Store and synchronize data with Google Drive.

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Phones that use the Android operating system typically place the two most important apps, phone and messaging, in the dock area of the main screen, which is typically located near the bottom. If these apps are not present in the dock, users can easily drag and drop them onto the dock from the main app list that can be accessed via the central circular button.

Android phones allow users to configure their phone lock screens by choosing between numeric codes, passwords and swipe patterns. The lock screen should be immediately configured as a means of protecting the data in case the phone gets stolen or lost.

Once the screen is unlocked, users can manipulate the home screen by adding apps and widgets. The list of available widgets can normally be accessed by swiping a finger or a stylus toward the left. From there, users can drag and drop widgets just like apps. Finally, the notification bar can be opened by swiping toward the bottom from the upper left corner of the screen, regardless of the active screen or app.

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