How Do You Become Famous on Facebook?


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In order to become Facebook famous, a user should make sure he is being found by as many people as possible. This means a user should add as many people as he can add as friends. Even if the user doesn't know the person he is trying to add, he might get an add back and gain more followers this way.

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Users looking to get Facebook famous should post as often as possible and need to post status updates that are going to be noticed. In order to be famous, users might have to post things they wouldn't normally post and things they don't even believe. The point is to get people to notice the statuses and like them as much as possible.

Liking other people's statuses as soon as they are posted helps a user gain likes, because users who receive likes are more inclined to reciprocate. Users shouldn't spam other people's news feeds. Post interesting things, but don't post so much that other people become annoyed and start ignoring the posts. Posting pictures where a user poses with a celebrity also draws interest. Continually posting these kinds of photos gets other users to take note of the profile.

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